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No-Drama Discipline

Parent Seminar Series with Baxter and Karlie

Psychology CAFFE are pleased to offer an opportunity for parents to
bring questions and learn about responding to their child’s difficult
behaviours and how to best support their child’s development.

Drawing on parenting programs based on trauma-informed and neuropsychological research into attachment child development, Psychology CAFFE practitioners will facilitate parents to learn relevant and contemporary ways of parenting, and be available to discuss particular questions or issues parents are encountering in the adventure that starts with having kids!

This Group is NOT parent therapy – it is for learning new information about how you can grow your child’s brain and help them to manage feelings. Sharing is optional, and it is a safe environment to share the challenges that we are all experiencing as parents in our current world.

The skills you learn will complement your already good parenting skills.

Duration: 8x weekly Thursday evening sessions, starting Thurs 15th April, 2021

Time: 6:45pm – 8pm

Location: Psychology CAFFE, 22 King Edward Street, Ulverstone, 7315

Bookings Limited – Express your interest today on (03) 6426 3050

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