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Thriving and expanding practice looking for dedicated and passionate mental health team members

Are you looking for a fresh change and want to be valued for your clinical skills? Do you want flexible hours and the opportunity to choose between a contractor or employee role to suit your personal needs?

Would you like to surround yourself with experienced, intelligent, dynamic, and client-focused colleagues who value making a difference in people’s lives, working as a team, learning through shared knowledge and experiences, focused professional development, and work-life balance?

If yes, Psychology CAFFE is the perfect place for you!

Who are we?

Located in the heart of country Tasmania with wilderness on your doorstep, Psychology CAFFE is a private practice centered around providing the highest quality of therapy and client care.

Established in 2011, Psychology CAFFE is now home to four central locations with 14 family friendly consulting rooms, child play therapy rooms, attachment observation and treatment facilities and swarm and comfortable waiting areas for clients. We are a forward-thinking, innovative, and enthusiastic group who think about the little things in therapy, which add up to big differences for our clients. Our philosophy is for you, the psychologist, to love your work with clients so much you would do it for free because we believe this results in the best outcomes for clients and happy psychologists.

Work to your strengths and choose the type of clients you would like to work with, we have a broad client base, and always have full books. Our Vision is ‘Secure and Thriving Families in every Tasmanian Household’.

A few perks of NW Tas:

  • Relaxed Lifestyle
  • Awesome Food
  • Stunning National Parks
  • World Heritage Areas
  • Basically No Traffic
  • Lots of outdoor opportunities if that’s your thing – Walking, MTB, Surfing, you name it

What Psychology CAFFE can offer you:


We offer Contractor roles with attractive rates ($140-$160) per consult for qualified/accredited clinicians. We also offer great remuneration packages for employees. Enjoy the security of a full-time or part-time position with superannuation and Fair Work employment entitlements.

Making a Difference:

Our client cohort is interesting, complex, multifaceted and unusual in a private practice, if you love working with family systems, trauma, neuroscience, and brain based and somatic approaches, your ideal client and families await.

Experienced Team:

Psychology CAFFE has an experienced team of psychologists both working within, and consulting to our team, with endorsements, acute mental health experience, and an outstanding administrative team working together to achieve the highest quality of care for clients. We also enjoy having regular whole team meetings, lunches, and social drinks. Our colleagues are like family or friends.

Modern & Inviting Consulting Rooms:

Our interior designers have gone to immense detail to create warm, comfortable, and inviting spaces for staff and clients to enjoy. We are very proud of the comforting environment we have been able to create.

Professional Development:

Psychology CAFFE has a generous annual professional development program for attending workshops and continual learning to ensure all employees are keeping up to date with the latest research and best practice approaches.


Individual and group supervision are provided on a fortnightly basis. This is one of the joys of being part of a large practice with such a diverse range of clinicians, skill sets, interests, and levels of experience.

Full Administrative Support:

Psychology CAFFE has reception staff and a practice manager who support the team of psychologists with booking and rescheduling appointments, taking payments, preparing client files, and much more. We are proud to also be leaders in using automated systems and technology to make every client interaction with us smooth and seamless.

Scholarship Support:

Our team will assist in the application process for scholarships that support relocation, gaining registration and area of practice endorsement.

Animal Assisted Therapy:

We have one accredited therapy dog, a therapy cat, and another dog in training, we welcome clinical team with an interest or already established practice as an animal assisted therapist ?

Triage Team:

We are lucky to have a experienced clinical triage team that ensure that referrals are appropriate and suited to your area of interest.

We are looking for psychologists who are:

  • Australian residents or have the required visa to work in Australia
  • Are reliable and have a mature approach to servicing clients and referring parties
  • Can work autonomously while being part of a clinical team
  • Have a passion for practising psychology
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