2020, in particular has been a time when many have been affected by grief and loss issues. Whether it be loss of loved ones though death, relationship losses, a loss of employment and/ or financial security, or the loss of a known way of living.

The impact of such losses is often more complex than those affected recognize. It is to be expected that emotions, thoughts and behaviours can each be impacted, in addition to overall functioning and wellbeing.

Associated with these challenges can be adjustment issues, identity issues and a higher risk for anxiety and depression particularly if they remain unresolved.

At Psychology CAFFE, there are clinicians experienced in providing grief and loss counselling. These clinicians, including myself, can assist clients in navigating grief and loss issues. In processing a sense of meaning and adjusting to new circumstances, clients can hopefully be supported to move forward with more acceptance, hope and resilience.

Regina Docking, Social Worker